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hopeful this we can get this resolved. >>> breaking news a 6.3 earthquake off the southern california coast was felt from san diego north into l.a. county. >> southern california is in store for another day of high tides and flooding. the so-called king tides are formed by the alignment of the sun, moon and earth. >>> this happens once every 30 years. >> former south african president nelson mandela is said to be making progress as he battles a lung infection. >>> it started with trash talking and ended with gunfire. surveillance cameras capture a shooting wounding two people. >> all that -- >> okay. we need the jaws of life. >> final in philadelphia, 34-13 cincinnati. >> the houston rockets' latest effort to sing is pretty embarrassing. ♪ and dradle i shall -- >> how do i even know you're a nun? you don't have the thing on. >> i know, i know but i have my medal on. >> is that your nun badge? >> that's my nun badge. >> barbara walters most fascinating person of the year is disgraced cia former director david petraeus. >> i was thinking if this guy was a
'm dhchoosing not to answer any questions about what i saw. it wasn't a pretty site. >> southern california got pounding rain and downed trees and power lines. >> where is it all coming from? >>> an evacuation order remains in effect in louisiana as authorities rush to secure 6 million pounds of gun powder. >>> and 8-year-old girl bitten by a dolphin at seaworld and it's all caught on tape. >>> an incident involving a magician, a tv host dropped flammable liquid on his head. >> all that -- >> the ball is loose! picked up by claiborne! the dallas cowboys turn it into a touchdown. >> that's going to secure a dallas victory. >> -- and all that matters. >> the stars were out in washington for the kennedy center honors. >> i partied with wolf blitzer last night. >> led zeppelin and tv's david letterman. >> you are an american treasure. like the grand canyon. chicago skyline. or the top two kardashians. >>> welcome >>> welcome to "cbs this morn on fing." on friday we told you republicans on capitol hill ed a whitehite house proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff a joke. this morning the man who made that
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of pot into the ocean. these waters off the california coast are now one of the prime drug routes from mexico to the u.s. >> this is challenging for us, as this increase goes up, we're trying to step up our game. >> reporter: admiral carl schultz says intercepting drugs has always been part of the coast guard's mission but never this widespread or this dangerous. last week one of his guardsmen was killed when a mexican drug boat rammed an inflatable coast guard boat off the coast of santa barbara. >> they're dangerous folks working for dangerous organizations looking to conduct illegal activity in our waters. >> reporter: better security at the land border between the u.s. and mexico has pushed the cartels to the water. they often hire mexican fisherman who load their boats known as pangas with up to 8,000 pounds of pot. >> they're doing the work of the drug cartel which controls this smuggling car for and so they're being offered a large amount of money to smuggle drugs. >> reporter: in the past year, authorities seized 102,000 pounds of marijuana off the california coast. that's near
, the dream is still in pursuit. and i think the california innocence project and my lawyer they allowed me to have this opportunity to give football another shot. >> that's what's on your sweat shirt, california and the number is -- >> xonr8. >> innocence project underneath. >> the california innocence project. this is a logo of theirs. i've seen this logo before and it was just a shirt. as soon as i was exonerated it meant so much more. >> what are you hearing from nfl teams about your dream? >> right now, i have an opportunity to try out for a number of teams and the response was experience. it wasn't the lack of ability. so, having had the opportunity to play in the ufl and play around coaches that had nfl experience, players that have nfl experience i use that as a platform and vessel to broaden my skill. >> are there people say give up that dream and pursue another dream -- >> no >> -- because it can't work. >> some people see my life heading in the direction of abdicating further wronged women. but football is a passion. i've talked to a few nfl teams that are considering bringing me
-government rallies planned today. >>> heartbreaking survival story for a woman stranded in the snow in the california sierra nevada mountains. >>> shoppers at a seattle macy's had to be hospitalized when an escalator they were riding malfunctioned. >> fire to the end zone. touchdown. >> broncos with their eighth straight win. >> all that -- >> three, two, one! >> my 50th birthday, she gives everybody a car and then she's all, thank you for coming to gayle's birthday! >> we're talking about oprah, right? >> no, of course not. >>> and all that matters. >> south carolina tea party says jim demint is resigning. >> leaving the senate a lot better than i found it. >> jim demint leaves some big shoes to fill. >> jim demint leaves some big shoes to fill. then again -- captioning funded by cbs en again -- >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose in new york. norah o'donnell is in washington. the northeastern coast of japan is still recovering from a devastating tsunami, less than two years ago. this morning, history threatened to repeat itself. >> that's right. a major earthquake struck in the paci
sunday morning. all seven people on board were killed. bill whitaker is in linwood, california, where rivera's fans held a vigil last night. bill, good morning. >> reporter: if you don't know the name of mexican-american singer jenni rivera, chances are you soon would have. she had just signed with a major talent agency here in the states and was tapped to star in her own sitcom. behind it all was a voice that mixed power, drama, and grace beautifully. ♪ to her fans, 23-year-old jenni rivera was more than a singer, she was known as la braun senora, the grande dame of music. >> jenni rivera was bold and brash. she was a very commanding woman with a commanding voice. >> reporter: that voice was silenced early sunday morning soon after this concert in monterrey, mexico, rivera and six others boarded a small plane. this photo is thought to be the final image we have of the singer before the aircraft went down on its way. there were no survivors. >> the plane is totalled. nobody inside survived. the bodies are unrecognizable. >> reporter: rivera was born in southern california. fans gath
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california sunday. it's now blamed for at least 12 deaths, along with the snow it caused more than 40 tornadoes in the deep south, starting on christmas day, and this morning, northern areas of pennsylvania new york and new england have one to two feet of snow on the ground. nearly 500,000 utility customers have lost power. melina shop row is in new york. >> reporter: as the snow continues to fall authorities are urging motorists stay off of the roads. with about a foot of snow already on the ground we're seeing how big and powerful this snowstorm has been. from california to new york the fast-moving storm system that began over the weekend completed its cross-country trek in the northeast, enveloping state after state and heavy snow. >> that's pretty rough. the wet snow it's heavy, you know, just kind of been trying to move what we can. >> reporter: with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour blizzard warnings were issued in indiana, illinois and ohio whiteout conditions made the car ride home for the holidays hazardous. >> all over accident accident accident. >> report
of southern california became a race to save a life. >>> and kim carkardashian is pregnant. >>> intercepted by rob jackson. redskins into the playoffs. rg3. maybe he can solve the fiscal cliff. >>> and all that matters. >> fireworks lit up sydney harbor, beautiful, as people mark the start of 2013. happy new year. >> on "cbs this morning." >>> chuck pagano back on the colts sideline yesterday cancer free as the colts won 28-16. >> i feel so blessed to be back with you guys in the battle. thank you. thank you so much. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm norah o'donnell with anthony mason. as we wake up the deadline to the fiscal cliff is just 14 hours ai wa. there's no deal yet, but members of congress are heading back to capitol hill. first, breaking news on the condition of secretary of state hillary clinton. >> she's in a new york city hospital this morning being treated for a blood clot. doctors say it's related to a concussion that's kept her out of the office for the past three weeks. margaret brennan is in washington with the latest. marga
.a. times" says traffic more deaths across the country are down except in california.umber that is the lowest number in ars. more than 60 years but traffic eased mo deaths in california increased 2.5%. more than 2.5%. >>> nielsen and twitter are o teaming up to provide social tv ext fa ratings starting next fall. >> >>> and the wall street surgeon eads looks at why too little sleep weight g leads to overeating and weight hat lac gain. lack of sleep affects different hormones in men and women. men men on short sleep felt more fel hungry but women felt less full. >> we don't know anything about >>> good morning. we're off to a very clear cool start bundle up. it is cold outside. temperatures are actually pretty close to freezing in some spots. look at napa, 34 degrees. 34 as well in fairfield, concord and about 45 degrees right now in san francisco. by this afternoon, we are going to see some areas of sunshine, and temperatures mainly in the mid- to low-50s. it looks like cool start again tomorrow and then thursday, a chance of rain. >>> day after
are down the country except in california. more than 32,000 people were killed in accidents last year in the united states. that is the lowest number in more than 60 years. but traffic deaths in california increased more than 2.5%. >>> "usa today" reports nielsen and twitter are teaming up to provide social tv ratings starting next fall. it will measure the social interaction of its users around certain television shows. >>> and the "wall street journal" looks at why too little sleep leads to overeating and weight gain. a new study suggests that lack of sleep affects different hormones in men and women. men on short sleep felt more hungry, but women felt less full. >> we don't know anything about lack >>> day after day in newtown, clergy members are there helping family members grieve. pthis morning we'll ask a minister what they're telling him about the tragedy and how he deals with his own grief. >>> and more than three million americans own the same ar-15 rifle that adam lanza used on friday. >> this is sprinkles. i named her sprinkles because she loves sprinkling casings all over
become a christmas mess as a major storm will drop snow all the way from california to the northeast. >>> is the new movie "zero dark thirty" telling the truth about torture. john miller looks back at the search for osama bin laden. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> reporter: winter storms create holiday headaches across the country. >> 93 million americans will be traveling in the coming days. >> the weather isn't exactly helping us. >> a high-impact storm on the west coast producing flooding rain. >> a storm in california can bring a white christmas to parts of arkansas and oklahoma. >> will santa be able to make his delivery this year? >> oh, absolutely. rudolph is set. >> hundreds march on brooklyn bridge to call only congress do something. >> meanwhile nra is calling. >> is it crazy to call for putting police in our school to protect our children? then call me crazy. >> an american civilian advisory was killed by an afghan policewoman. >> hope for a solution to the fiscal cliff for being put on the back burner until after christ
day. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child. >> rachael: today... >> that is nonsense, carbs are good for you. >> rachael: god bless you. dr. ian says you can have it all this holiday season. >> this is perfect. this is your meal. >> rachael: if you are armed with his holiday snacking strategy. >> replace this with this and you can start. >> rachael: then -- >> just because it is a holiday party doesn't mean you have to look like a christmas tree. >> rachael: one of these outfits goes for $6000, the other just over $100. can you spot the savings?
from the mount vaca cam. but a cold front diving into california now going to spread rain into the bay area. a little bit later on today we could pick up a couple of showers. north of the golden gate bridge showers. otherwise mostly dry. temperatures in the 50s. winds will ramp up through the evening hours. gusting very strongly toward the coastline tonight and tomorrow with some heavy rains. rain on and off through the weekend. we are going to check out your "timesaver traffic" coming up. >>> good morning. starting you off in the east bay one of our slow spots right now is southbound 680 an accident on the right-hand side shoulder but brake lights near the area in walnut creek. live look in milpitas 880/237, you can see that westbound 237 ride it's slow going from 880 to zanker road. golden gate bridge free and clear both directions and the bay bridge already "holiday light." have a great day. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com 2u >> announcer: today... >> rachael: i am as tall as jenny mccarthy. >> announcer: j
. >> misfits. and outcasts. many played with awkwardness out of his own childhood. growing up in california's sun and surf culture, he was nagd by insecurity and self-doubt. >> i was the ugly duckling. good case of acne, shortest kid in school, i had an inability to concentrate. i just went off into another world and i just failed everything. >> okay, dustin. that was then and today you sit at kennedy center honoree. when you look at your life, you can no longer feel secure, can you? >> i don't think you change. >> you don't. >> no. >> even the role that changed his life, being destined for the kind of cal stereo type he had never been. >> he was 6 feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes. it's in the novel. it was robert redford. i read that your audition did not go well and even one of the crew guys -- because i'm a believer that the crew guys know everything. did you drop subway tokens or something? >> yes, i did. the audition is finished. i have my happeneds in my pocket. a prop guy puts his happened out to shake with me and i take my hand out to shake his hand and my tokens fall out. they were
and a lot of snow. >> the storm in california could bring a white christmas to parts of arkansas and oklahoma. >> will santa be able to make his deliveries this year? >> oh, absolutely. rudolph is set. >> hundreds marched on the brooklyn bridge to call on congress to do something about gun violence. >> meanwhile, the nra is refusing to back down from its call for armed officers in our nation's schools. >> is it crazy to call for putting police in our school to protect our children then call me crazy. >> another insider attack in afghanistan. an american civilian adviser was killed by an afghan policewoman. >> calls for a solution for the fiscal cliff are being put on the back burner until after christmas. >> i apologize about my voice. this may be divine intervention because we didn't deal with the fiscal cliff. >> a senator from idaho is apologizing for his dui arrest. police stopped republican mike crapo in alexandria, virginia. >> after 80 years in print, "newsweek" magazine has its last issue on stands today. it will continue its digital format. >> if you
record high levels during the weekend rains. the california conservation corps joined city crews inputting sandbags on top of a levee. there's already been some flooding from verbena drive to daphne way. some hones were evacuated after water seeped through the -- some homes were evacuated after water seeped through the levee. >>> people waited on interstate 80 in the sierra area and chains are required if you don't have four-wheel drive. the snowpack is at healthy levels now increased by 140%. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. if you are riding caltrain, major delays as we deal with this all morning signal issues, there are still systemwide delays, from 15 minutes to an hour. everything else though good to g bart, muni, ferries, everything on a regular weekday schedule. so obviously on this day after christmas traffic not too busy across the bay area. right now if you are traveling southbound 880 approaching that davis street off-ramp it remains shut down clogged storm drains so flooding concerns. they shut down of the o
. this is their california version. imcomes from mendocino. it cost 20s but tastes like a stunt double. >>> josh, you've got an open bottle and you can just pour. i want to get a sense. what are these different glasses for and do you use a different glass for sparkling wine or champagne? >> no, you use the same glass. but what you want to do is avoid things that happen when it comes to champagne. you don't want to have the bubbles disappear too quick which is why i brought a glass that's the worst kind of glass to serve sparkling wine because it's flat and allows the bubbles to disappear. don't use these. these are betle for fruit compote than sparkling wine. >> so it's better to use a flute. >> the flute preserves the bubbles. my favorite is a tall white wine glass. >> that's a wine glass. >> because this doesn't really allow you to get the aromatics but you can stick your snouz in that one. >> happy new year, josh. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." cheers. ♪ >>> well, that's it for 2012. >> that ice the end of the year? >> that's it. >> the whole year is over? >> that's it. we wis
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